Cwm Y Glyn (Halfway Horse Trail extension 12) Forestry Workings

Forestry work on the Cwm Y Glyn trail between 164 and 168 is now complete but the track has not been reinstated. So it is advisable to avoided this section by staying on the forestry road.

Cwm y Glyn trail

Cwm y Glyn trail

Cwm y Glyn

Felling in Crychan South

There is currently contractors felling in Crychan South. Please obey all signs.

There will we short term track closures as the contractors move from one block to another.

Cwm y Glyn Horse Trail in Halfway closed – Now Open


The Cwm y Glyn Horse Trail in Halfway is now all open.

Work at Halfway has finished, though they may be back later in the year to finish off.  The contractors had to leave site due to dormouse breeding timing.  The tracks have been cleared of debris. 


The Cwm y Glyn Horse Trail in Halfway which is an extension to Cefn Arthen trail is closed for felling in the section between posts 164 and 168.

The closed section can be bypassed by staying on the main track down to post 154 to re-join the trail. Please be aware that this alternative forestry road will have timber stacked on it, and machinery stacking timber, and timber moving from site.

The felling has started (May 2023) and will last for the next couple of months.

Cwm y Glyn Horse Trail in Halfway closed

Felling Operations in Crychan and Halfway

A felling operation to remove trees with Ash dieback has begun at Crychan Forest.

Ash dieback is a serious disease caused by a fungus called Hymenoscyphus fraxineus.

Their removal will ensure the forest remains a safe place.

Closures and diversions are in place.

Please obey all signs.

The work has currently started in Crychan at the moment with some work around the closed sections of trails at Cefn Farm and then moving on to Halfway.

It is not possible to provide more details as the ash trees are dotted around and not planted in blocks.

New Crychan Forest Trails Map

Check out the new Crychan and Halfway interactive map. On the Tracks and Maps page.

By selecting a trail name from the Trail Menu you can overlay each trail on to the map and zoom in to see all the post numbers. In the past it has been dificult to show the routes and post numbers without some numbers overlapping.

The new map now clearly shows how the trails in Crychan and Halfway link to the Epynt Way enabling you to make up longer circular routes.

Each trail has its own page where maps and gpx files can be loaded into your mapping GPS app.

Dangerous Tree Survey Closes Section of Trail

Unfortunately due to a recent dangerous tree surveys in regards to ash die back trees. NRW have had to put an emergency closure on the Cefn Farm walking trail and the Cwm Dulais horse riding trail between post 67-68, and also part of the puplic footpath that goes from the car park at Cefn Farm. They are clearly marked with hazard tape and signs. There is an alternative route to still access the rest of the trails by following down the NRW road, and join the trails further down at post 68.

The path on the other side of the road is still usable, apart from a relatively small section that brings you back onto the NRW road.

NRW have already completed some work removing the dangerous trees in other locations. More dangerous tree surveys are being carried out for ash die back and there is the potentially for further restrictions on other trails, until NRW contractors can get out to these sites.

Cefn Farm Trail Open

The Cefn Farm walk and horse riding trails have been re-opened after the tree safety work and some tidying up.

Cefn Farm Trail Closures

A section of the Cefn Farm waymarked walk has been closed today (5th March 2021) from waymarker 70 to waymarker 91 for safety reasons. Contractors have been booked to start work next week and the trail will be reopened once the tree safety work has been completed.

This effects the Cefn Farm Walk and the Cwm Dulais horse riding trail.

Please obey all signs and tape. Thank you.

Cefn-Farm 70-91

Trail Closed

The Allt Troedrhiw-fer – Golygfa Epynt link trail in Halfway Forest is currently closed due to fallen trees blocking the path and the danger of falling branches.

Please obey all signs.

Allt Troedrhiw-fer – Golygfa Epynt link



All Car Parks Open

Halfway car park and all Crychan Forest car parks are now open.

Brynffo car park entrance

More details can be found on the NRW Days Out website