Dangerous Tree Survey Closes Section of Trail

Posted on 7th May 2021

Unfortunately due to a recent dangerous tree surveys in regards to ash die back trees. NRW have had to put an emergency closure on the Cefn Farm walking trail and the Cwm Dulais horse riding trail between post 67-68, and also part of the puplic footpath that goes from the car park at Cefn Farm. They are clearly marked with hazard tape and signs. There is an alternative route to still access the rest of the trails by following down the NRW road, and join the trails further down at post 68.

The path on the other side of the road is still usable, apart from a relatively small section that brings you back onto the NRW road.

NRW have already completed some work removing the dangerous trees in other locations. More dangerous tree surveys are being carried out for ash die back and there is the potentially for further restrictions on other trails, until NRW contractors can get out to these sites.

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