Crychan Forest offers miles and miles of quiet routes through our beautiful woodlands. You can join a route from any of our four car parks, where information on the trails is provided.

As well as the trails below there are links from Crychan and Halfway Forests on to the Epynt Way.

Trail signage is gradually being changed so that waymarker posts will be badged with numbers only. No direction arrows will be present, so users should either download the trail maps or use GPX files.


Family Cycling Trails.


Full Details and Map

Trail Name: Brynffo – Esgair Fwyog

Car Park: Brynffo – Esgair Fwyog

Common Name: Brynffo – Esgair Fwyog Cycle Trail

Length: 4.3 Miles   7.1 Kilometres

Colour: Yellow

Including Extension Length: 12.4 Miles  20.6 Kilometres This cycle trail starts from Brynffo car park but as it goes through Esgair Fwyog you could start there. Follow the stream down into Cwm Crychan, and then enjoy the open views as … Continue reading

Full Details and Map

Trail Name: Cwm Coed Oeron

Car Park: Cefn Farm

Common Name: Cefn Farm Cycle Trail

Length: 7.7 Miles   12.8 Kilometres

Colour: Orange

Gently climb up through the lovely woodlands of Cwm Dulais, and return past the lonely farmhouse of Cwm Coed Oeron.

Full Details and Map

Trail Name: Allt Troedrhiw-fer

Car Park: Halfway

Common Name: Halfway Cycle Trail

Length: 2.4 Miles   4.0 Kilometres

Colour: Yellow

Follow the forest road over the waters of Nant y Dresglen before returning along the side of Allt Troedrhiw-fer. A link trail joins onto the Epynt Way. Link to Epynt way currently closed due to fallen trees blocking the path … Continue reading

Full Details and Map

Trail Name: Allt Troedrhiw-fer – Golygfa Epynt link

Car Park: Halfway or Brynffo

Common Name: Halfway - Crychan Cycle Link

Length: 3.1 Miles   5 Kilometres

Colour: Green

Follow this link which connects Halfway and Crychan forests. Enjoy the pastoral views over Cwm Gwennol as you freewheel down from Cefn Arthen. This trail links the Alt Troedrhiw-fer trail in Halfway to the Golygfa Epynt trail in Crychan. A link … Continue reading