New Pictures posted for the Cefn Arthen- Cwm Crychan link Trail

New photos have been provided to the CFA using the email link at the bottom of each trail page.

Thank you Chrissie and Diane for the images of your ride.

Cefn Arthen- Cwm Crychan link


Halfway Trail Closure Update

Halfway Trail Closures

Closures to Crychan Forest Trails within Halfway Forest.

These closures are due to Harvesting operations that will be carried out over the next few weeks.  Works are planned to finish towards the end of June.

These closures effects the Nant y Dresglen Walking Trail and the link to the Epynt Way.

The locations are:

Between Waymarker 170 – 172
Between waymarker 175 – 185
Between waymarker 174 -186

See PDF Map

Closed Track in Crychan

The track between post 128 and 132 is closed.  Timber stacks are blocking the road and can not be moved until August due to conservation constraints.

The track forms part of the Cefn Arthen- Cwm Crychan link Trail

Share the Trail Video

The Share the Trail Video is still relevant.

The video shows how dangerous the trails can be if no consideration is given to horse riders and the demonstrates what to do to stay safe.

Forestry Operations January 2017

Updated map showing harvesting operations, ongoing and due to start imminently in Crychan Forest. 

Please obey all signs in the forest. You risk your own safety if you ignore these prohibition signs.  Harvesting machines have a huge safety exclusion zone, due to the possibility of chain shot.

Forestry Operations in Crychan Forest January 2017

2017 Events in the Forest

The events page has been updated with the programme of motorsport in Crychan Forest.

Other events in the forest will be added as we get notified.

Events in the Forest

Forest Watch Results

forest watch 101

Following recent meetings with Llandovery PCSO Helen Fender the Crychan Forest Association members have been on the look out for illegal vehicles in the forest.

A CFA member spotted some motor bikes being off loaded from illegally parked vans nr Brynffo carpark while they where performing their regular trail monitoring.

A call to 101 was made and a local PCSO went out and found the vehicles but no bikes. The vehicle details were noted and when the PCSO later returned they caught the bikers loading up their vehicles. Section 59 warnings were issued on all the vehicles. Which means they could be seized next time.

We need all members of the public to report any illegal vehicles in the forest by ringing 101.

To find more details of the local police team and their priorities visit:

ASB Off-Roading

Photos from the Trails – Cefn Arthen

Thanks to Tracey Hamer and Chrissie Harding for these photos from the Cefn Arthen Trail in Halfway.

Cefn Arthen

Photos from the Trails – Cefn Arthen- Cwm Crychan link

Autumn images have been added to the Cefn Arthen- Cwm Crychan link trail page.

Thanks to Lesley Markham for the photos.

Cefn Arthen- Cwm Crychan link