Crychan Forest and Halfway Forest


Crychan Forest Trails for walkers, cyclist, horse riders and carriage drivers.

The Crychan Forest Association works with the Natural Resources Wales (formally Forestry Commission) to promote access to Crychan and Halfway Forests near Llandovery Carmarthenshire. South West Wales near the Brecon Beacons.

We have installed nearly 200 numbered waymarker posts and published walking trails, family forestry cycle trails and horse riding trails. These individual trails with map are available to download from this website. 

New Walking Trails

Walks from the four car parks at Halfway, Cefn Farm, Esgair Fwyog and Brynffo are easy to follow, by looking out for the wooden waymarker posts with symbols depicting a coloured footprint and direction arrow.

Halfway Walks

2 short walks in Halfway Forest.

2 gentle trails never far from the waters of the Nant y Dresglen.

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Cefn Farm Walk

A moderate 2.5 mile walk in Crychan Forest from the Cefn Farm car park.

You’ll pass the ruins of the old 19th century farmhouse Glyn Moch before dropping down to the stream in Cwm Dulas. Try to imagine pigs rooting about here – as Glyn Moch means ‘valley of pigs’. Easy tracks return you to the start at Cefn Farm.

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Esgair Fwyog Walk

A moderate 4.5 mile walk in Crychan Forest from the Esgair Fwyog car park.

Take in the long views down the Tywi valley before reaching the secluded stream in Cwm Crychan. Look out for an almost hidden waterfall before the trail makes the gentle climb back to where you started at Esgair Fwyog.

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Brynffo Walk

A moderate 3.5 mile walk in Crychan Forest from the Brynffo car park.

Enjoy long views of the Cambrian Mountains to the north, before dropping into the sheltered valley of Cwm Crychan. You will follow the trail beside the stream, before climbing up through the trees, back to the start at Brynffo.

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Felling Operations in Crychan and Halfway

A felling operation to remove trees with Ash dieback has begun at Crychan Forest. Ash dieback is a serious disease caused by a fungus called Hymenoscyphus ...Read full article.

New Crychan Forest Trails Map

Check out the new Crychan and Halfway interactive map. On the Tracks and Maps page. By selecting a trail name from the Trail Menu you can overlay each ...Read full article.

Dangerous Tree Survey Closes Section of Trail

Unfortunately due to a recent dangerous tree surveys in regards to ash die back trees. NRW have had to put an emergency closure on the Cefn Farm walking ...Read full article.

Cefn Farm Trail Open

The Cefn Farm walk and horse riding trails have been re-opened after the tree safety work and some tidying up. ...Read full article.

Cefn-Farm 70-91

Cefn Farm Trail Closures

A section of the Cefn Farm waymarked walk has been closed today (5th March 2021) from waymarker 70 to waymarker 91 for safety reasons. Contractors have ...Read full article.