Roger Albert Clark Rally 2023

Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th November 2023


Open access to the forest will be suspended during this motor sport event.

Set up for this event is on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd November 2023

Details from the Rally Organisers:

The setting up of the stage will take place on the afternoon of Tuesday 21st November and all day on Wednesday 22nd November.  This will not greatly affect other forest users as we will be moving slowly, working around our vehicles setting up stakes and signage.
On Thursday 23rd November, Crychan Forest sees Stages 1 and 5 of the rally.  Starting from Cefn Farm Car Park it uses a lot of the complex, as far south as Esgair-berfedd and then runs north via Cwm Coed Oeron to finish at the Brynffo Car Park.  Access to the forest is suspended as the stages will be running through until 5pm
On Friday, 24th November, a shorter stage will be in use, running from Cefn Farm Car Park via Cwm Coed Oereon to the Brynffo Farm Car Park finish.  Access to the forest is suspended once more – though competition should be finished by 1pm and clearing away of the stakes and signs will involve slow moving vehicles and people moving around them until approximately 2.30pm.
The five day Roger Albert Clark Rally runs in Wales on Thursday and Friday 23rd and 24th, then transfers to the Scottish Borders for more forest stages through Saturday 25th to Monday 27th November. Website: